About Florencia


At just sixteen years old, Florencia, a single mother living in Mozambique, Africa lost her right leg to a landmine while collecting firewood. She became unable to live a life capable of doing everyday activities with ease, and was bound to a life on crutches. However, when John Mullen and Douglas Bowman heard her story, her life was turned back around.


A few years ago, five students from the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy at Santa Barbara High School traveled to Mozambique and took Florencia to Jaipur to get her a prosthetic leg from Jaipur Foot. She returned to her village with two legs, and a future full of opportunities. The students got to know Florencia and learned her incredible story, which changed all of their lives.


Florencia has learned to adjust to her new life with two legs. She’s forever grateful that she can grow and flourish as a young adult with two functioning legs in which allow her to be reunited with her old life prior to the accident. Now, she wants to give back and provide others the same opportunity she was given two years ago. She is doing so by helping with Jaipur Foot in India, the same organization that gifted her with her leg. Florencia is hands on in helping create prosthetics for those in India who live just like Florencia did. She also hopes to take her knowledge of craftsmanship and the creating of these prosthetics back with her to Mozambique.



How International 2017-2018 Team!

Greetings from the 2017-2018 Help One Walk International team. Throughout last year, we hosted many successful events including a Veterans Day awareness event and a benefit concert to raise more funds for the people of Mozambique. In the new year, we have many exciting projects lined up: the launch of our new book, “Florencia: An Accidental Story” (now free to download on Amazon), breaking a world record in our #hop4how project, and maintaining connections with Jaipur Foot to continue to provide affordable prosthetics to those in need.

HOW group photo-1

This year, our team is comprised of Multimedia Arts and Design Academy students from Santa Barbara High School all working together to promote HOW International. The interns are divided into three groups, all focused on the projects outlined above. We have many new interns this year as well, and we are all working under the leadership of our executive interns: Gibson Field-Elliot, Wilson Sherman, and Emma Perme. We are extremely excited for this new year and the new opportunities it will yield. Thank you all for your support as we continue in our efforts to address the plight of amputees in Mozambique. We will have updates for you on all of our upcoming projects in the near future!

Thank you,

The HOW International Team!


We’re Safely in Jaipur!!! Some images of our trip so far.

Hi everyone, it’s Sunday evening here in Jaipur and we’ve made it safely to our hotel. Now we’re just waiting for Florencia’s arrival. Here are some images from the first leg of our journey. Read more about our journey so far below the gallery of pictures.


The team getting our tickets at LAX
Everyone on the place to Dubai
Welcome to India!
Running to try and catch the 6am train
The street where we caught our bus to Jaipur
Dane meeting some locals interested in film
Douglas and Landon look through an Indian menu at a stop during our bus ride
Douglas talking to one of the waiters
Our first Indian meal
The team doing some sightseeing
Landon waking from some much needed sleep
Dan Williams enjoying some bus travel
Some alternative forms of transportation we’ve come across in India.
Getting some directions on our way to the hotel
Our form of transportation in Jaipur
Welcome to Jaipur!


36 hours later and we’ve arrived safely at our hotel


What an amazing first couple of days we’ve already experienced on this journey. We’ve been traveling for over 36 hours, flying from Los Angeles to Dubai, Dubai to New Delhi, by bus for 220km to Jaipur, and then 45 minutes in three rickshaws to make it from the bus stop through the city to our hotel.

Immediately leaving the New Delhi Airport, we were thrown into the hustle and bustle of Indian life. We crammed into two taxis and travelled as quickly as we could to catch the 6am train that we were already running late for. After getting completely stopped by an indian traffic jam just outside the station, we left the taxis and ran through the streets hoping we could make it in time.

Unfortunately, the ticket station is more than a 15 minute drive from the platforms, and with 5 minutes to go, we realized we were going to need a new plan. We found a bus that left 30 minutes later just around the corner and ran with all our baggage to catch it just in time before it left as well.

Once were were on the bus, we relaxed and caught some much needed sleep on the 5 hour drive south to Jaipur.

After learning that the bus can’t drive into the city, the 12 of us, bags included, packed into 3, 3-wheeled rickshaws, driven by three local drivers with an impressive amount of urgency and precision.

We’ve finally made it to our hotel in the south of the city. It’s been a dramatic culture shock and an incredibly eye opening experience. We’ve been thrown completely out of our comfort zones, but we’ve stuck close together and made it through the chaos with a positive attitude.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Until All Walk,

The HOW Team