HOW Honors the Heroes and Victims of War on Veterans Day


November 11 is a day of remembrance and gratitude for those who fought for our country. This past Veterans Day, HOW created a public gallery to honor both our own country’s heroes and to those victims of war halfway around the world who don’t have a voice. Partnering with local charities, our team hosted a walk-through gallery of photos in Paseo Nuevo Plaza. The event included art, live music, and guest speakers.


We contacted local artist Scott Dosch to sculpt one of his famous sand statues in a display at the Plaza. He created for us, a beautiful rendering of a kneeling American soldier. Throughout the weekend we had many students perform live music, many of them our own interns. The Saturday event hosted several guest speakers, including a local Vietman veteran. As the entertainment and displays gathered onlookers, our interns hurried back and forth, handing out flyers, selling merchandise, and answering questions.


Many watchers were genuinely interested and praised the work HOW is doing. More than once, old friends of HOW and the team would wander up to reunite and some even gave up a few hours of their own time to join the interns. All the while, our cinematography team documented the music, speakers, and activity. 

Veterans Day Event Short Film

By the time the sun set on Sunday, HOW had raised almost $5,000 in donations. All the proceeds from this event will go directly to the purchase of prosthetic legs from Jaipur Foot.


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