‘Florencia, the Forgotten One’ Event at New Vic Theatre

On Sunday Night, May 22nd, the ‘Florencia, the Forgotten One’ event was attended by over 250 family, friends and supporters of HOW International,MAD Academy and Jaipur Foot.  DR Mehta, Chief Patron of Jaipur Foot was the honored guest for the evening and was presented the first Albert Schweitzer Lifetime Achievement Award.  Daniel Morris serenated the audience with a selection of beautiful songs on the violin.  Special guests Rajeev and Nita Daga flew in from Houston with her sister and husband for the event.  The Cal Poly crew were on hand as well for the evening.   The crescendo of the night came when Dane Holroyd and Samsun Keithley premiered their film, ‘Florencia’ to an enthusiastic reception.


Mehta and Katya                     Katya Cengel interviewing DR Mehta, Founder of Jaipur Foot

Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to DR Mehta

Daniel MorrisDaniel Morris playing ‘10,000 Reasons’ on the Violin

Dan and GisonGibson Field-Elliot interviewing Dan Williams, Director of MAD Academy

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