The Goals of Help One Walk

Meet Florencia- a survivor of the iniquities committed against Mozambique, a sixteen year girl and amputee, and an icon for HOW International (Help One Walk). Little question the essentials of life- our tangible bodies, our innate capabilities to walk, to run, to move as we please. But imagine a life where one’s abilities are stolen from our country’s vices? Mozambique’s fifteen year civil war claimed approximately one million lives, and stole the health and well being of an immense amount of innocent bystanders. The war subdued, but what remained was the people whom were profoundly wronged, the numerous individuals who lost not only abilities of their body but also opportune chances in life. Land-mines dissipated across the land cost the people of Mozambique, such as Florencia, portions of their body and fragments of their freedom. A life is not a life lived completely with out the opportunity to obtain education, employment, and utmost vitality. All these aspects were deliberately impeded by the repercussions of land-mines, and HOW International has the impetus to revitalize every individual who has lost such opportunity. It starts with Florencia. We aim to see her walk hand in hand with her son one day soon, to no longer depend on crutches but become an individual established by liberty and countless possibilities. HOW International is working in partnership with Jaipur Foot of India as well as a local relief agency in Maputo, Mozambique with the intention of instating healing and hope to the amputees. Our first mission is traversing to Mozambique to assist Florencia in getting her very first prosthetic. From there, there is indefinitely no limit to the amount of people HOW International can reach out to.

How will HOW do it?